SWF - Surfing the Wave of Fashion was created to share a different view on fashion.
The coastal lifestyle, travel and effortless sporty style are the milestones of this website.
Staple pieces, neutral colors and stripes melt together in the clear influence of the "beach bum" lifestyle; clean lines and simple pieces that mixed and matched everyday create that compromise between life in the city and the freedom of the beach.


Born in Italy in 1989, daughter of an italian mother and venezuelan father. Raised by a lake and the mountains, sailed for the first time long before walking and skied shortly after.
Had a "proper" Fashion education with a three years degree in Fashion Marketing at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan graduating in june 2013 with a thesis on the impact of sports, more specifically surfing, on the Fashion world.
Currently working in an internationally known italian fashion company as Corporate Communications Specialist and as freelance Web Contributor.
Even if she breathes the air of the real fashion world everyday has always had a different idea of how fashion feels to her and clearly reflected it in her personal style - simple, practical, clothes that enhance the body potentialities rather than restrain them.

“Surfing is the ultimate metaphor for life. It accurately describes the way things happen: Life really is like a wave, and your attitude is your surfboard. A situation – any opportunity – comes to you like a wave. And you are the surfer.You can’t act before the situation develops and you can’t act after it passes. You can act only in the peak of the moment, where the energy is concentrated.You can play the metaphor at any level and, like surfing, with any style. You can surf with a hostile aggression or with a blank Zen mind.A wave is a clear slate and a living mirror. Beach Culture is what’s reflected off of it. Surf Culture is stepping through the mirror.”

Drew Kamption & Bruce Brown“A history of Surf Culture” 

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