Sunday, August 19, 2012

A sunset and a sticker

I came across this real size sticker of a Penny skateboard and my child fantasies came alive. I loved it!
Meanwhile I was thinking about what to do with it an amazing sunset surprised me and I just could not avoid taking photos.
I was in Livorno, in a place called Terrazza Mascagni to attend the "BodyboardLab night", a party organized by bodyboarders for bodyboarders of an italian association in which my boyfriend is in the committee. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In between mountains

The other day I decided to try windsurfing. It was an idea that came with the wind and I simply went with it. Decided to rent a board and sail for an hour and tried! It was the third or second time in my life and it went very good ! I didn't even get wet.. It was fun and I could get out in the lake by my own and come back to the same place from where I went out, sailing not swimming.. BUT I found out that I broke my toe nail exactly in two! it happens, but for now I'm stuck in german like shoes. No offense for Germans of course..

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