Friday, June 22, 2012

"Posso" is its name!

Mantova is a little town in northern italy. Is surrounded by lakes, three of them to be precise, that makes  this town a kind of island in the middle of Italy.
The days here are incredibly hot and I love to spend my time nearby the lake even if this week has been in complete absence of any kind of resemblance of wind.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you with all my heart.

I wanted to thank all the amazing people that voted my video in past few weeks, that believed in me and helped me out creating events, mailing all their contacts list and shared my video like crazy! 
It's a huge satisfaction to be here in the top 10, along with other amazing sporty girls from all over the world.
Well... IF I will be choosen as the next Roxy girl.. I will literally take you all with me in that trip! posting every single minute of it here..

The sea really sets me free.. 
Always have, Always will !


Friday, June 8, 2012

A break from Earthquakes

These days has been quite tough for the one of us living in northern italy, earthquakes came in the middle of the day as well as during the night when you less expect them.
Me and my father decided to have a rest at the county house of my Grandparents where everything seems to be calm and still.
Ps. Remember to vote me in the finalist phase of the Roxy Contest "Let the sea set you Free"


Monday, June 4, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vote for me!

Dear Readers,
as you probably remember I am one of the 25 finalist for the Roxy Contest "Let the sea set you free".
To have chances to win I'm asking you to vote for me at this link:

There is no registering or log in needed, just open the link and click on VOTE NOW. You can vote EVERY day and to me every single vote will mean a lot because I'm one of the 25 people that have a chance to win:
-1000$ of Roxy clothing
- One year contract as face and voice of Roxy
- 2 travels, one in Biarritz and one unknown
IT'S A DREAM! and to go in the commission decision I have to be one of the 10 most voted videos.
The final submission is a video in which I am talking about the importance of water in my life.

I really want to give it a try and you are the only ones that can make it possible !

Thanks in advance,

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