Thursday, November 24, 2011

Surfer Girl Sneak Peek: ELENA BERTOLINI

Name: Elena Bertolini
Age: 25
Nationality: Italian

"Surfing for me is one of the most amazing and important things in my life. Thank to the surfing I've met a lot of good friends and my actual boyfriend. Surfing teach me how to live my life and allowed me to travel.. actually, to travel a lot ! Why do I surf? Because since the first time I catched a wave, I never quitted" 
      Surfed Countries? Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy
  Sponsored by? Vans, Ocean&Earth, West Wetsuit, Foam Box Project, Salt a core store
  "Surfing is my biggest passion but I enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding and Karate too.
      I love photography, arts, reading, listening to good music and of course I love to travel! Above italian I also speak english and spanish fluently and understand a little bit of french, portuguese and indonesian." 
     "I've been surfing for nine years now and working as a surf instructor since 2008"
  What's fashion for you?
       “"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” This is what Coco Chanel said..   
      I believe that is a personal way of thinking, is the representation of a person… you are what you like. Everyone of us chooses to wear for the person who he is."

  What are you up to now?
    "I’m working on my thesis ! I will discuss it in february to become an Interpreter. 
     Occasionally you can see me on italian tv ads and magazines, and also I've acted in a couple of italian movies.
     I enjoy working as a freelance for one of the italian surf magazines, Surf Culture."
  Future plans?
         "For sure gettin' my degree and try to find a job I love… but before that… I’ll spend a month in Hawaii with my boyfriend!! I guess it will be an amazing trip, won it in a contest organized by Billabong, and  I will never be grateful enough for the amazing opportunity and the dream that Billabong gave to me and Dado."
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All the clothes are from Vans, the bikinis from Vans and West as the wetsuit.


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