Saturday, September 24, 2011

From airport to airport..and yes another airport!

Three days of travelling are over! We spent the first night in Milan airport, then we got to Paris and after the nearly 12 hours flight to Mexico City I was already with a serious cold (thanks to the crazy air conditioning of airports and planes) and feeling dizzy. And it we were just halfway there! So we decided to sleep in a hotel in Mexico City instead of another night on the floor!!

Sleeping one night in a real bed and having the chance of showering was like being brand new!! We have spent the night in the beautiful hotel Camino Real inside the terminal 1 of Mexico City Airport... Nice and very comfortable not just for the position.. but maybe we saw it so comfortable because of the 48 hours without a real bed!
The morning after we took the last plane, directed to Puerto Escondido.
After three days we finally landed in this amazing place full of palms, it was so hot when we landed that we could even imagine it! ITS SUMMER AGAIN!!
I'm wearing a Quiksilver Women tank top (F/W 11), Abercrombie & Fitch super skinny jeans, DC flip flops and a Stella Forrest scarf.
Bag: Quiksilver Women (F/W 11) Trolley: Quiksilver

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