Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mexican Sunset

 Whatching the sunset from the roof terrace of our hotel (Hotel Aqua Luna) here is just amazing...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

From airport to airport..and yes another airport!

Three days of travelling are over! We spent the first night in Milan airport, then we got to Paris and after the nearly 12 hours flight to Mexico City I was already with a serious cold (thanks to the crazy air conditioning of airports and planes) and feeling dizzy. And it we were just halfway there! So we decided to sleep in a hotel in Mexico City instead of another night on the floor!!

Sleeping one night in a real bed and having the chance of showering was like being brand new!! We have spent the night in the beautiful hotel Camino Real inside the terminal 1 of Mexico City Airport... Nice and very comfortable not just for the position.. but maybe we saw it so comfortable because of the 48 hours without a real bed!
The morning after we took the last plane, directed to Puerto Escondido.
After three days we finally landed in this amazing place full of palms, it was so hot when we landed that we could even imagine it! ITS SUMMER AGAIN!!
I'm wearing a Quiksilver Women tank top (F/W 11), Abercrombie & Fitch super skinny jeans, DC flip flops and a Stella Forrest scarf.
Bag: Quiksilver Women (F/W 11) Trolley: Quiksilver

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer is over...this means just ONE thing...

is time to LEAVE ! 
Colder winds are blowing and it didnt stop raining for the last 24 hours.. is time to go somewhere hotter.. on the opposite side of the world maybe, where the summer never ends and we can still enjoy amazing sunsets and warm water..

I'm leaving for Mexico tomorrow, it's a super long trip.. I have to go to Milan first and in the nightime the plane will take us to Paris, then another plane to Mexico City that is nearly an 12 hours flight ! okay at this point we are just HALFWAY there! One night in Mexico City airport and the day after we'll finally be in our destination: Puerto Escondido.

My boyfriend says that I'm a good secretary, so this is my secretary-skill : 
I'm sorry its written in italian but is actually funny! My check list for the trip: things to bring! I had to reduce the clothes quantity to the minimum and thats the reasong of all the checked things.. yellow is maybe, blue is handluggage! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

The sun shines on diamonds..

My journey to Mexico starts from very far away. Daddy's car is full of my luggages of the whole summer that I spent in Lake Garda, Italy.. I'm ready for the first part of the trip: GOING HOME.

This car is my Dad's pride and joy. Is really super fun and even comfortable..and if starts raining? no problem! there are holes in the floor to let the water slip away ;) It has a feeling of sahara and sand in it..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a sisters matter.

We are sister, them are sisters. We are just the same...
When I asked the girls to take the pictures with us they were just so happy they couldnt stop smiling... and this pictures are the result ;)

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