Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surfer Girl Sneak Peek: CAMILLA MICHETTI

Age: 20
Nationality: Italian

© Annibale Simi

"Surf is not only my passion but my lifestyle too.  Everything in my life revolves around the sea, the waves and the forecasts...for weather and travelling! I have to admit I love to party too.."

Turtles, Hawaii 

Surfed Countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hawaii.
Sponsored by: Rip Curl

© Annibale Simi

"I'm kind of a lunatic... Sometimes I cannot renounce to a great night out with a lot of people and in others I definitely prefer going skating on the desert seaside on my own.."

"I love Hawaiian culture and I had the chance to get in touch with it during my last travel to Oahu, from the music to the "aloha" spirit of the place."

© Annibale Simi

"Its already some years that I work as instructor at the "Rip Curl Girls Tour" and for me is such a great satisfaction to have the chance to teach and pass my love for this sport to so many other girls."

What's fashion for you?
"In my life Fashion is a key point; everything that is alternative is fascinating for me.
I love to play with colours and prints... In my wardrobe plaid shirts, multi-coloured shorts and bright t-shirts couldn't be missing.
During the night I change myself completely: high heels and a little black dress are must haves"

Future plans?
"Travelling as much as possible!!! In march I'll move to the Canaries to surf, relax and learn some spanish."

Clothing and Swimsuits in all the pictures are from Rip Curl.


  1. Chiara GiambastianiFebruary 16, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    The hottiest surfer girl in the world.
    Cichi u rock! <3

  2. I really like the style of this blog! and the underwater pics

  3. Wow awesome blog! I was looking for a blog of this type, and here it is! (I was thinking of doing one myself, but unfortunate I cannot be in “surf-mode” always) but your blog is very nice, and the pictures in this post are beautiful!

  4. Thank you very much Maria! I'm so happy to know that there are people that share my same idea on fashion.. glad that u liked it!


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