Friday, November 19, 2010

Surfer Girl Sneak Peek: BRIDGET ROBERTSON

Nationality: Australian (Currently living in Perth)
Age: 19
Surfed Counties: Australia, Indonesia

" My favorite part of the West Coast for a fun paddle-out is Margaret River, a super chilled surfy town about 3 hours drive south of Perth which is well known for quality waves, but more so, some hectic swell. "

"I wouldn't say that surfers have an individual style, because every girl obviously has their own opinion, but my style is based alot around Vintage peices, or shop purchases, and then a fuck load of beautiful custom made stuff, where I source my designs from current magazines like RUSSH or OYSTER."

"I've been brought up on the coast, so surfing has always been an option for me, even though there's always the phase of laziness where I wouldn't touch the water for months, but it's not long before I break the habit and have to re train my self back to the level I was at last. "

What are you up to now?
"It's that stage of working, saving, and breaking my obsession with internet shopping,  as my current intentions consist of traveling the whole east coast of Australia, and then up to the US where I intend to stay for as long as a VISA will allow. The east coast has always been known as the trendier part of Australia, and I wanna see why it's so different to perth, and get amongst it. It is also well known for its small surfer towns like Byron Bay, which have some seriously good reputations based on the chilled, surfy and fashionable lifestyle!"

A Non-surfing trip that you would like to do?
"New York has always been the most ideal place for me, the thought of getting amongst the best designers of the moment, so regularly, just excites me like nothing else. My favorite fashion blog is Jak&Jil , based in US, which is a simple photo blog of well know public figures wearing the latest and most amazing outfits."

Pink dress: Blak-Basik / Jacket: Review
The majority of the clothes in the other pictures are vintage.



  1. WOW this girl is so creative !

  2. The first picture is GREAT

  3. I like this post. it's the best one so far. Maybe the one about Maria Petersson is at the same level!

  4. Your blog is what I was waiting for!


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